© Vanessa Wells
About Shrouded

Shrouded came into being after I'd dabbled in anime style fan comics for a few years. Although I enjoyed doing fan comics, I did wake up one day and wonder if they were a complete waste of time, seeing as neither the universe, nor most of the characters, actually came from my imagination.

Fan 'comicing' is fun, but in reality it's not that impressive creatively, and I needed a new challenge.

It took me some time to get stuck into Shrouded. How to begin a comic is the hardest thing and I think I experimented with loads of ideas. I finally got stuck into it in 2004 :-)

The name for Shrouded came from me trying to be a bit clever with a dictionary. I wanted a word for 'hidden', that wasn't 'hidden' but sounded cool. So I took the Oxford English dictionary aside and looked through various definitions.

Shrouded jumped out at me, begging me to use it as the title. I've since stopped taking those drugs, but the name stuck.

Enjoy :-)